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Who We Are

Nadvert is a digital advertising platform, which offers advertisers a powerful branding and an impactful messaging platform. We create subtle connection between brands and the market through a network-based digital strategic solution.

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Who We Are

Nadvert offers advertisers a powerful branding and an impactful messaging platform.

We create subtle connection between brands and consumers through a network-based digital strategic solution. We integrate this expertise with a cutting-edge technology and on-point operation supports to craft a better relationship between clients and the end users.

Established in 2017, Nadvert is fully owned and operated by VANA Ltd, which is known as the pioneer of digital transformation in the Newsagency channel.

Nadvert will continue to enhance the digital advertising revolution to the retail environment of the newsagency network in Australia. As we extend our reach into new retail markets, we will help advertisers gain maximum local consumer exposure for their investment.

Digital Revolution

For its reliability and performance, Samsung PH55F has been selectively picked as the medium of choice. It brings a modern look, as well as state-of-the-art technology. We combine the device attributes with a user-friendly content management system to captivate audience in retail spaces.

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The Technology

*PH55F is the 4th generation of Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP). While all technology from 2nd generation is still intact, over the years Samsung has improved the display quality, hardware performance, and application scalability.
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Proven Concept

Nadvert has been developed by VANA, which has succesfully launched the 2nd biggest retail network in Australia with the intruduction of Nparcel (1200+ stores). This platform is used to leverage the physical space of the newsagency channel.

Story of Nparcel Our Network

Story of Nparcel

Nparcel was founded by VANA in September 2012 and launched nationally during January 2013. Nparcel works with courier transport companies and appoints Newsagents across Australia as parcel pick up and drop off points. It also offers a suite of e-leisure services that have seen significant growth within the retail landscape.

The Nparcel network, now consists of close to 1200 Newsagents offering unique services to Newsagency industry. With the growth of this platform continuing to add foot traffic to stores across Australia, this e-commerce platform continues to expand nationally ensuring the relevance of Newsagency channel towards the end consumers.

Nparcel Network